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Tertiary Care Hospital Nishtar

Establishment of Tertiary Care Hospital Nishtar - II, Multan, Pakistan.

Nishtar Hospital is a teaching hospital of Nishtar Medical College, located in Multan, Pakistan. Being a tertiary care hospital, it is serving population specially from South Punjab and its adjoining areas.

As the hospital is visited by a large number of patients annually and the influx is too high, therefore there was a need to expand its facilities to cater the growing needs with every passing day. A proposal was put up by Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department, Punjab for the expansion of this hospital.

Nishtar – II Hospital is the first phase of expansion consisting of 1500 beds, spread over an area of 12.14 acres. Further expansions are also planned after the completion of the first project. KSB Pakistan managed to secure an order worth 213.310 Euro to supply its ETB, ETL, ETN, MoviBoost – Pressure Boosting System and B-Pumps for HVAC, plumbing and water supply applications. The order was secured after a tough completion from the competitors. KSB Pakistan has a brilliant legacy to cater various applications in Building Service market area. After securing the order, KSB is working closely with Guarantee Engineers Pvt. Ltd. who are the main & MEP contractors for this project alongside Asian Consulting Engineers & Metroplan JV who are the consultants of this project.