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Investor Information

Symbol of the company by the respective Stock Exchange and Website Links of Stock Exchanges where the company is listed.

  • Symbol - KSBP
  • Website - - Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd. (PSX)
  • Earning per share: Rs. 3.28 as per 31.12.2022
  • P/E Ratio: Rs. 118
  • Break-up value: Rs. 152.40 as on 31.12.2022
  • Name of Auditor of the Company: A.F. Ferguson & Co.
  • Name and adress of Share Registrar: Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited, CDC House, 99-B, Block B, SMCHS, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-74400
  • Free floats of the shares of the Company: 5,290,453 Shares (97.48% of the Listed Capital)

Other useful investor information for our valuable shareholders and partners is listed below:

  • Company Registration Number - 0001024
  • National Tax Number (NTN) - 0683709-3