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PAPA Faisalabad – A humanitarian project by KSB Pakistan

Freshwater - the stuff we drink, bathe in and use to irrigate our fields - is incredibly rare around the globe, accounting for just 3% of the world’s water supply. As a result, some 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to water, and Pakistan is no exception.

To address this crisis, the government of Pakistan’s largest province, Punjab, established an organisation by the name Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority, which aims to provide clean drinking water to rural households in accordance with the minimum requirements set by the World Health Organization.

KSB Pakistan won a tender based order worth 2.13 m.€ for the installation of pre-filtration/RO plants in various districts of Punjab. Competitive pricing and a proven track record of delivering water filtration plants - UF & RO in various mega projects, helped to secure the tender. KSB Pakistan has supplied and installed more than 1200 filtration plants in the last few years to notable clients including WASA, PHED and in various different Government projects.

It’s not only the civil construction of the dispensing units but importantly their operation and maintenance has been the most significant feature of KSB’s business offerings. The current order covers a total of 138 plants to be installed, including 
44 pre-filtration plants and 94 reverse osmosis plants along with water dispensing units. The project’s completion time is six to eight months.