Materials Research & Development

redhot_impeller_pic White Iron
Gasite® white irons offer superior physical properties and wear resistance.

The GIW Metallurgical Lab performs research and development as well as materials quality control and investigation. It's equipped with sophisticated electron and optical microscopes, corrosion and wear testers and the latest image analysis and computer simulation systems.

Knowledge gained from research and development led to the development of a complete line of GIW Minerals materials - from white and ductile irons to natural rubber, which are the best in the industry.

Custom Cast Urethane
GIW leads the industry in the design and manufacturing of heavy duty solids handling pumps and abrasion castings. GIW offers in-house mold making capabilities and urethane polymers tailored to our customer’s specific needs.

Over 30 years of experience allows GIW to provide a unique processing treatment that produces urethanes (GIW’s proprietary Gathane) that wears better than many metals, plastics or rubber compounds on the market.

GIW urethane is the best solution for your industry needs:


  • Sand & gravel
  • Iron ore
  • Phosphate
  • Kaolin
  • Paper
  • Textile
  • Building products
  • Chemical
  • Electric Utility
  • Concrete

Urethane Selector Guide: 

Gathane I82AHigh ResilienceMining, slurry parts lining
Gathane II92ALow Heat BuildupTires, Rolls
Gathane III73DHigh Modulus, general purposeWheels, Rolls, Bearings, Sprockets


Using their proven advanced hydraulics for metal pumps, GIW engineers incorporate this efficiency into the rubber lined impeller design for the LCC-R pump series. No other manufacturer can offer this expertise in their existing rubber pump line. The design includes GIW’s patented impeller vane design and Solid/Fluid Flow Technology (SFT).

Thickened shrouds and vanes provide maximum wear resistance in heavier slurries. The vanes are more effective in clearing solids and improving the effectiveness of the expeller design when used with the hub side flow diverter.

Precision molded impeller features one of the best wear resistant natural rubber on the market. GIW metal and rubber impellers are completely interchangeable. Hub side clearing vane and the flat hub side designs are both available.

Additional Information

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