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Nepean Dam Deep Water Recovery Project

KSB supports the drinking water supply of the city of Sydney: At the lowest point of the Nepean dam, three efficient RDLO pumps from KSB extract raw water.

Nepean Dam Deep Water Recovery Project: The Dam

The project: Ensuring the supply of drinking water to Sydney

Australia relies on KSB to supply drinking water to the city of Sydney: Efficient KSB water transport pumps of the RDLO series (WPS77 pump station) extract raw water at the lowest point of the Nepean dam and transfer it to the filtration system. Here the water is treated and piped to Sydney.

The client: Baulderstone

The Nepean Dam Deep Water Recovery Project is operated by the NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources. 

However, KSB was commissioned by the renowned construction company Baulderstone Hornibrook. Baulderstone Hornibrook provides construction and civil engineering services. The company constructs bridges, roads, tunnels, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and hotels.

The challenge: extraction of raw water at the lowest point of the Nepean dam

The Nepean Dam is located some 100 km south-west of Sydney and has a storage capacity of 52,000 megalitres. The client needed a solution for the extraction of raw water at the lowest point of the Nepean dam and the subsequent transportation to the filtration plant.

The solution: Transporting fluids at maximum efficiency

Thanks to KSB’s many years of experience of manufacturing axially split volute casing pumps, the RDLO pumps were able to shake off numerous competitor products. Designed for durability, RDLO pumps transport fluids at maximum efficiency. This helps keep energy costs down and considerably reduce the pumping plant’s life cycle costs.

The design and modular structure of RDLO pumps allow their operating parameters to be optimally matched to the customer’s individual conditions. The pumps operate equally reliably at high and low water levels.

KSB already supported the project team in the preliminary phase of the project, from the design of the pumping station to the provision of calculations. Specialised KSB employees provided the customer with advice both on site and from the Competence Centre in Germany.

Pumping station with water transport pumps

Water transport pump of the series RDLO

Pumping station with water transport pumps

Water transport pump of the series RDLO

Data I Facts I Figures

  • Location: Nepean Dam, Australia
  • Client: Baulderstone

    Founded: 1936

    Employees: 1,329

    Industry: Engineering & Construction Services

  • Application: Water supply

  • Scope of supply: 
    3 RDLO 400-665
    Equipped with variable speed system
    Flow rate: 723 l/s,
    Head: 116 m

  • Project year: 2006

KSB – 産業用バルブとポンプの世界トップレベルのメーカー

KSB は 1871 年にフランケンタール(ドイツ)で創立され、100 年以上にわたりポンプや産業用バルブのトップメーカーとしての地位を確立しています。世界中に 15,500 名以上の従業員を抱え、独自の販売会社、製造工場、サービス会社を持ち、さまざまな用途に向けてカスタマイズされたポンプを開発、製造しています。

経験豊富な当社のさまざまな製品が、建築物管理、産業技術、水輸送、廃水処理、発電所プロセスといった分野で使用されています。革新的な研究開発により、KSB はお客様のさまざまな要求にお応えすることが可能です。有名なポンプメーカーとして、KSB には長年にわたる経験と技術的なノウハウが備わっています。

ポンプ・バルブのKSB : お客様に最高の製品を
ポンプでは標準的な水ポンプであるEtanorm をはじめとする数々のシリーズを設けております。