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Water transport in Ontario: KSB’s high-efficiency pumps respond to an increase in demand.

In 2004 the Regional Municipality of Peel began expanding its waterworks, one of Canada's largest water and wastewater infrastructures. From 2010, Peel entrusted this demanding project to KSB.

The Airport Road Pumping Station in the region of Peel, Ontario.

The project: Safe drinking water for Ontario

The Airport Road Reservoir and Beckett Sproule Pumping Station supplies three large and rapidly growing regions in Ontario with adequate and safe drinking water. It was designed and built in 2005 to meet supply needs for the coming years, but also with the ability to be easily upgraded to larger capacities in order to keep pace with the region’s rapidly increasing population. The Beckett Sproule Pumping Station secures the water supply for the Airport Road station.

The client: The regional municipality of Peel

The Regional Municipality of Peel serves 1.4 million residents and approximately 173,000 businesses in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. It is the second largest municipality in Ontario, after Toronto.

The challenge: Reliable and high efficient pumps

In 2010 the region was seeking pumps with impressive hydraulic efficiencies for its new Beckett Sproule Pumping Station. One year later, the region was in need of more robust and efficient pumps, this time in order to increase capacity at the Airport Road Pumping Station.

RDLO single-stage pumps with axially-split volute casing

KSB Single-stage volute casing RSLO in the pumping station Airport Road

The solution: Single-stage volute casing pumps with impressive hydraulic efficiencies

In both cases KSB was chosen as the successful bidder, and in 2010 supplied the first six highly engineered RDLO axially split, single-stage volute casing pumps. One year later, in 2011, the decision was made once more in favour of KSB’s reliable and efficient products, and another six RDLO pumps were supplied.

At the customer’s request, all RDLO pumps were supplied with split mechanical seals. As is required for all drinking water applications, the inside of each pump casing is coated in line with the NSF/ANSI 61 requirement.

The result was impressive: in terms of hydraulic acceptance, the efficiency of the RDLO pumps even exceeded the values guaranteed in the offer.

RDLO single-stage pumps with axially-split volute casing

KSB Single-stage volute casing RSLO in the pumping station Beckett Sproule

Data I Facts I Figures

Airport Road Reservoir and Beckett Sproule Pumping Station

The regional municipality of Peel 

Area of application:
Water transport

Products used:
12 highly engineered RDLO axially split, single-stage volute casing pumps

Project year:
Commissioned: December 2012

Airport Road Pumping Station

Scope of supply    

  • 1 RDLO 400-465:
    Flow rate: 653 l/s, Head: 57 m, Motor: 450 kW
  • 4 RDLO 400-665:
    Flow rate: 645 l/s, Head: 100 m, Motor: 750 kW
  • 1 RDLO 350-690:
    Flow rate: 521 l/s, Head: 85 m, Motor: 563 kW

Beckett Sproule Pumping Station

Scope of supply

  • 4 RDLO 700-980:
    Flow rate: 1180 l/s, Head: 39,5 m, Motor: 600 kW
  • 2 RDLO 500-835:
    Flow rate: 695 l/s, Head: 77 m, Motor: 750 kW

Products used



Single-stage axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation, with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, EN or ASME.

KSB – 産業用バルブとポンプの世界トップレベルのメーカー

KSB は 1871 年にフランケンタール(ドイツ)で創立され、100 年以上にわたりポンプや産業用バルブのトップメーカーとしての地位を確立しています。世界中に 15,500 名以上の従業員を抱え、独自の販売会社、製造工場、サービス会社を持ち、さまざまな用途に向けてカスタマイズされたポンプを開発、製造しています。

経験豊富な当社のさまざまな製品が、建築物管理、産業技術、水輸送、廃水処理、発電所プロセスといった分野で使用されています。革新的な研究開発により、KSB はお客様のさまざまな要求にお応えすることが可能です。有名なポンプメーカーとして、KSB には長年にわたる経験と技術的なノウハウが備わっています。

ポンプ・バルブのKSB : お客様に最高の製品を
ポンプでは標準的な水ポンプであるEtanorm をはじめとする数々のシリーズを設けております。