"Hammam Boughrara" is a pumping station located 535 km west of the country, in the municipality of Maghnia wilaya of Tlemcen.

The SP1 station was built near to "Hammam Boughrara" for the transfer of water to the city of Maghnia.
The transfer project was carried out by an Italian company "Condotté d'Acqua".
The SP1 station is equipped with 03 split-face electro-pump units (03 pumps from another supplier, WEG type HGF 400D motors).

In 2018, the company "Algérienne Des Eaux" purchased and replaced the 03 old pumps with KSB type OMEGA 250-800A GB GF, while keeping the engines as well as the frames already in place, for budgetary reasons.

The construction company responsible for installing the new pumps, made major modifications to the frames in order to adapt the existing motors to the KSB pumps.

Those modifications greatly disrupted the performance of the pumps (vibrations, lack of flatness, misalignment, etc.)
And after only 03 years of operation, a significant drop in the output as well as the flow rate of the pumps was recorded by the customer, which is why he called on KSB Algeria.

A complete audit of Station SP1 "Hammam Boughrara" highlighted several installation issues:

  • an existing frame completely modified and deformed
  • -installation faults on the piping (check valve, valves, diverging, converging).

Our team carried out a complete overhaul of the pump as well as the motor, then undertook the design and construction of a new rigid frame suitable for the KSB pump with the existing WEG motor.

Following the passage of our team, a marked improvement in pump performance with an increase in flow rate of around 60% was observed. The same goes for the operating parameters of the pump (temperature, vibration)
In addition to a consequent reduction in noise pollution and the reestablishment of perfect flatness of the chassis with better rigidity of the solid /frame assembly.