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Identification of Energy-Saving Potential

A free energy efficiency check for your pumps using the smart KSB Sonolyzer® app

KSB Sonolyzer® is a smartphone app from KSB which analyses the motor sound of your asynchronous motor to identify whether your pump is operating efficiently or whether too much energy is being consumed.

It pays off to hear how efficiently your pump is working

KSB’s free smartphone app KSB Sonolyzer® can reveal whether your pump is operating efficiently or consuming too much energy simply by listening to the sound of its asynchronous motor. The results analysis shows you whether the operating point is inside or outside the part-load range.

You can see at a glance whether energy savings could be made and also receive information about the load condition of your pump. By that, you get an idea of a possible increase of the mean time between failure for your pump.

Having successfully identified savings potential, you can then contact your local KSB specialist to obtain a detailed efficiency analysis performed with KSB’s analysis tools. The KSB app determines your location and puts you in direct contact with the relevant specialist.

The results provided by the KSB Sonolyzer® app are an ideal starting point for obtaining a quick but detailed FluidFuture® analysis, and for using the resulting potential savings identified to increase the efficiency of your pumps.

The KSB Sonolyzer® app uses an algorithm that was developed by KSB and is the first of its kind on the market. But it is not limited to use with KSB pumps: Asynchronous motor-driven rotating equipment produced by many other manufacturers can also be analysed.

Our portfolio

  • Customer self-service via app
  • Analysis of your rotating equipment’s load profile within seconds

Your benefits

  • Free download
  • Quick identification of energy-saving potential
  • Direct contact to KSB service specialist
  • Solid basis for further analyses and optimisation measures (SES)