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Energy Efficiency Consulting

Optimising system performance with FluidFuture®

Optimise your system’s energy efficiency in four steps using FluidFuture®. KSB’s systematic approach ensures maximum energy savings.

Optimise the energy efficiency of your hydraulic system

Pumps account for the largest share of total energy consumption in industry: In the EU as a whole, pumps consume 300 terawatt hours of energy every year. KSB’s products are therefore developed with energy efficiency in mind. However, pump optimisation yields the most substantial savings if the components of the entire system are precisely matched to work with each other. A holistic approach to optimisation encompassing hydraulic systems, drive and automation products and piping dimensions can result in savings of up to 60 % – but this must be performed in a systematic and targeted fashion. KSB has defined an energy-saving process in four steps: the FluidFuture® energy-saving concept.

FluidFuture® is more than just energy efficiency consulting. FluidFuture® comprises the holistic system optimisation. As a first step, KSB creates maximum transparency by swiftly identifying potential for optimisation and using detailed measurements to determine possible savings. Step 2 sees KSB defining the system structure and selecting matching high-efficiency pumps and components. In step 3, KSB provides expert installation and professional commissioning. Finally, step 4 of the FluidFuture® energy-saving concept comprises the highly efficient operation of your system using intelligent pump technology and continuous monitoring.

With FluidFuture® you can substantially reduce your operating costs and make a valuable contribution towards an energy-efficient future. This is the future of system optimisation!

Our portfolio

  • Systematic analysis of your system’s energy savings potential
  • Selection: Definition of an (optimised) system structure
  • Expert installation and commissioning
  • Continuous monitoring for highly efficient operation
  • More than 3500 specialists are close at hand worldwide

Your benefits

  • Transparency in your pump population
  • A system perfectly set up for maximum energy efficiency and availability
  • Energy savings of up to 60 per cent reduce operating costs

Optimise your system’s energy management in four steps:

Illustration of the four steps of the FluidFuture energy-saving concept

1. System analysis

  • Creating transparency
  • Determining the load profile

2. Systematic selection

  • Defining the system structure
  • Selecting components

3. Expert commissioning

  • Expert installation
  • Professional commissioning

4. Highly efficient operation

  • Intelligent pump technology
  • Continuous monitoring