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Partnerships built on trust: KSB works closely with its suppliers

KSB Purchasing values long-term partnerships with suppliers who have high quality standards and competitive prices.

With operations on a global scale, we are interested in partnerships with suppliers that take an equally global perspective. They should also meet the following criteria:

  • High quality standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Process optimisation along the entire supply chain

Requirements spectrum

KSB Purchasing makes purchases worldwide for all production sites and sales units:

  • Production material
  • Capital goods
  • Services

Purchasing Network

KSB in India has 6 manufacturing locations manufacturing wide range of pumps, valves and systems. This includes foundry division also.

  • Irrigation and Process Division, Pimpri, Pune.
  • Power Projects Division, Chinchwad, Pune.
  • Energy Pumps Division, Khandala, Satara
  • Standard Pumps Division, Sinnar, Nashik.
  • Valves Division, Coimbatore
  • Foundry Division, Vambori, Ahmednagar.

Vendor Portfolio

Let us know about you

We always need right and competitive partners for the future and would like to develop relations with our current and potential new suppliers.

Appraise us on your salient achievements, your product range, infrastructure available, preferably using the attached format.

International Purchasing Office

Global Business Opportunities

International Purchasing Office (IPO) supports procurement from India for KSB Group companies located worldwide. We bring you the chance of regular and growing business with our production sites located in Europe and other regions world wide.

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Registered Vendor can access the data using this page.

Click here to access your vendor data. If you are not registered (for login id and password), please get in touch with our officials located at each manufacturing plant.