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Etanorm Dry-installed pump

Dry-installed pump Etanorm

Horizontal volute casing pump, single-stage, with ratings and main dimensions to EN 733, long-coupled, back pull-out design, with replaceable shaft sleeves / shaft protecting sleeves and casing wear rings, with motor-mounted variable speed system. With KSB SuPremE, a magnetless synchronous reluctance motor (exception: motor sizes 0.55 kW / 0.75 kW with 1500 rpm are designed with permanent magnets) of efficiency class IE4/IE5 to IEC TS 60034-30-2:2016, for operation on a KSB PumpDrive 2 or KSB PumpDrive 2 Eco variable speed system without rotor position sensors. Motor mounting points in accordance with EN 50347, envelope dimensions in accordance with DIN V 42673 (07-2011). ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Handling clean or aggressive fluids not chemically and mechanically aggressive to the pump materials.
  • Water supply systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Swimming pools

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
1368 m³/h
Max. head
160 m
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Max. allowed fluid temperature
140 °C
Spare parts kits for pumps and valves

Spare Parts Kits

KSB offers complete spare parts kits for many pump ranges. The kits contain sealing elements, bearings and impellers, for example, and are considerably less expensive than purchasing each part separately.

  • All main wear parts in one set
  • Easy to order and available at short notice

Material number list – Etanorm

5,439 products
Material number
ETN 040-025-160-GBSAA10GSEAA AHBKSB Etanorm [B]40-25-160GBCode 10169mmDN 40DN 25Without0.3without32.63 kg48282518
ETN 040-025-160-GBSF11AGSEAA AHBKSB Etanorm [B]40-25-160GBCode 1A169mmDN 40DN 25Without0.3without34.06 kg48282519
ETN 040-025-160-GGSAA10GSEAA AHBKSB Etanorm [B]40-25-160GGCode 10169mmDN 40DN 25Without0.3without32.23 kg48282515
ETN 040-025-160-GGSAA10GSEAP4EABKSB Etanorm [B]40-25-160GGCode 10169mmDN 40DN 25Frequency inverterThree-phase current400V0.55kW0.7KSB PumpDrive2 [A]95.88 kg05122211
ETN 040-025-160-GGSAA10GSEAP4EABKSB Etanorm [B]40-25-160GGCode 10169mmDN 40DN 25Frequency inverterThree-phase current400V0.55kW0.7KSB PumpDrive2 [A]95.88 kg05122055


  • Improved efficiency and NPSHreq by experimentally verified hydraulic design of impellers (vanes)
  • Operating costs reduced by trimming the nominal impeller diameter to match the specified duty point
  • Little wear, low vibration levels and excellent smooth running characteristics thanks to good suction performance and virtually cavitation-free operation across a wide operating range

Technical Data

Connection type
Drive concept
With electric actuator,
Combustion engine
Max. flow rate
1368 m³/h
Min. flow rate
1.5 m³/h
Max. head
160 m
Min. head
2 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz,
60 Hz
Mains voltage
400 V,
460 V,
220 V,
230 V,
240 V,
380 V,
415 V,
500 V,
575 V,
660 V,
690 V
Casing material
EN-GJL-250/A48 CL 35B,
CUSN10-C-GS/B30 C90700,
GX5CRNIMO19-11-2/A743 GRADE CF-8M,
EN-GJS-400-15/A536 GRADE 60-40-18
Nominal pressure
PN 16,
PN 10,
CL 150,
CL 125
Max. allowed working pressure
16 bar
Suction behaviour
Max. allowed fluid temperature
140 °C
Min. allowed fluid temperature
-30 °C

Sectional Drawings

Smartphone with KSB Sonolyzer® app

KSB Sonolyzer® app

With this app, KSB brings Industry 4.0 straight to your smartphone: In just a few seconds, the KSB Sonolyzer® can measure the noise frequency of an asynchronous motor and check whether there are potential energy savings to be made, thus enabling an increase in pump efficiency.

Installation and commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

Reliability right from the start: KSB service specialists are there to take care of your system with the installation of pumps, valves and automation components. Professional, reliable, on hand worldwide.

  • For a start-up as required
  • Also for non-KSB products
Pump repair

Pump Repair

KSB offers professional and fast service for pumps of any make and, if required, can modernise them to the latest technological standards. KSB also provides this service for explosion-proof pump sets.

  • For all makes
  • Pump set service