Standard Alloys Inc - Port Arthur, Texas

Standard Alloys Incorporated, established in 1926 is a subsidiary of KSB AG.  Offers engineering, manufacture and repair of replacement parts and pumps for the refining, chemical, oilfield, power and other related industries.

Located in Port Arthur, TX is our own foundry used to make castings. Metals are alloyed to exacting standards, melted at temperatures up to 3000 degrees and poured into the molds that we also make at the same location. The result is that our customers "know" where their castings are made and are invited to come watch them being made. Other parts manufacturers simply can not make that offer. We proudly note "Made in America" on our products.

Located in Vidor, Deer Park, TX and Port Allen, LA are our three repair shops. Most of our machines are manual lathes and mills sized to make the dimensions of parts that we manufacture. Our machine shop employees are long term machinists who know how to machine castings. Included at our machine shop are the high tech balancing machines that we use to balance rotating parts and assembles. Add to this a very aggressive inspection program and the end result is a quality part ready to use in your equipment.


Vidor, TX - Machine Shop and Repair Center

Approximately 40,000 ft2 shop has over sixty various machine tools

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Port Allen, LA - Repair Center

Approximately 10,000 ft2 shop has over fifteen various manual machine tools

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Deer Park, TX - Repair Center

Approximately 15,000 ft2 shop has over twenty various manual machine tools

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Management System Certificate

Standard Alloys, Inc is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by DNV to assure we meet the customer's needs and expectations.

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