Engineering Support

As process requirements change within our customer's facilities, our engineering staff can develop quality solutions to meet your needs and expectations.  We can upgrade metallurgy, implement mechanical upgrades and develop a custom hydraulics solution fully supported by CFD technology.  As a full service solution provider, our engineering staff can improve your mean time between repairs and reduce your maintenance cost. 



Our in house engineering staff can assist you with upgrading the materials construction to enhance your equipment reliability.

Metallurgy to Metallurgy
API Upgrades_tsr_original

API Upgrades

We can upgrade your existing API Pump to the latest edition of API 610.

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Complete Pump Package_tsr_original

Complete Pump Package

Standard Alloys Inc. is proud to announce its engineered replacement bare shaft pump or pump package program.

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Drop-In Replacements

Upgrade your replacement pump to meet the latest edition of API 610.

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Where Do You Get Your Replacement Parts?

End users in need of replacement parts should understand the capabilities and offerings of different suppliers to obtain optimal system components.

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Hydraulic engineers use CFD to adjust the hydraulic fit of a pump to extend the MTBR and to reduce the energy costs of operating the pump.

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