Improvement of wear resistance of pumps

Wear and material fatigue may cause entire systems to come to a standstill. It is therefore reasonable to apply special coatings to components exposed to abrasion.

Centrifugal pumps are frequently used to handle solids-laden fluids. Abrasive matter will often scour the casings and impellers of pumps made of cast iron or steel so severely as to significantly reduce their service life. By using special coatings MPP optimises the wear resistance of pump components.

MPP offers preventive measures to protect pumps as well as a wide choice of solutions to ensure optimum repair services. When re-working parts, special coatings are applied to protect the respective components against future wear. verschleissfestigkeit-bild-4


  • Prolonged service life of machinery and systems
  • Reduced servicing requirements and less downtime
  • Protective coating or repair coating
  • Specialists advise you on the optimal coating for each component
Installation of a vacuum pump rotor.


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