Increase of impeller diameter

If an impeller's diameter is too small, it is often more cost-effective to make it larger in diameter rather than buying a new impeller.

A larger impeller diameter will increase the circumferential speed and thereby produce a higher head. Before carrying out any optimisation work, MPP will, of course, provide a cost estimate taking the impeller size, the model type and the material requirements into account.

Before: A damaged impeller into which additional holes had been drilled. MPP's specialists repair the damage and enlarge the impeller diameter.

After: The impeller after having completed the optimisation work. All surplus holes have been filled, the diameter has been made larger, and the vane has been lengthened. In addition, the impeller was dynamically balanced. Optimisation costs were about 30% of the cost of a new impeller. MPP offers a warranty for optimised and repaired items.


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