RPH-V Vertical shaft submersible pump

Vertical shaft submersible pump RPH-V

Vertical single-stage sump pump to API 610 and ISO 13709 (heavy duty), type VS4, with integral thrust bearing assembly and separate discharge line. ATEX-compliant version available.
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Main Applications

  • Pump for handling the large variety of petroleum products in refineries as well as in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Refinery
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Technical Data

Max. flow rate
180 m3/h
Max. head
240 m
Max. allowed working pressure
35 bar
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
230 °C

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  • Dimensioned for longer service life than specified by API 610, to reduce maintenance.
  • Rigid spacer-type coupling for ease of mechanical seal maintenance
  • Seal chamber to API 610 accommodates all mechanical seals to API 682.

Technical Data

Connection type
Drive concept
With electric actuator
Max. flow rate
180 m3/h
Min. flow rate
0.1 m3/h
Max. head
240 m
Min. head
0.1 m
Mains frequency
50 Hz,
60 Hz
Mains voltage
110 V,
115 V,
120 V,
125 V,
200 V,
208 V,
220 V,
230 V,
240 V,
260 V,
276 V,
278 V,
380 V,
400 V,
415 V,
440 V,
460 V,
480 V,
500 V,
525 V,
575 V,
600 V,
660 V,
690 V,
760 V,
830 V,
1000 V,
3000 V,
4160 V,
5000 V,
5500 V,
6000 V,
6600 V,
6900 V,
11000 V
Casing material
A995 GRADE 1B,
Nominal pressure
CL 300,
PN 40
Max. allowed working pressure
35 bar
Suction behaviour
Maximum allowable fluid temperature
230 °C
Minimum allowable fluid temperature
-30 °C

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