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Various KSB know-how brochures

KSB Know How Brochures

KSB's know-how brochures give in-depth technical information on pumps and valves. They are designed to provide guidance on the planning and operation of pump systems.

KSB Know How Brochures

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Planning information for axially split casing pumps in transport lines

Many small changes can generate a huge impact, and the main aims of this brochure are to increase the overall efficiency of pumping stations employing axially split casing pumps worldwide while reducing energy consumption, cutting CO₂ emissions and lowering overall costs. In other words, the goal is to optimise life cycle costs and minimise environmental impact. Special focus will be placed on visualising the key concepts.

Titelbild KSB-Know-how-Broschüre: Planungshinweise Mischer und Rührer

Planungshinweise Mischer und Rührer

In kommunalen Kläranlagen werden Tauchmotorrührwerke sowohl in Speicherbehältern als auch in Becken in der der biologischen Stufe eingesetzt. Verschaffen Sie sich ein grundlegendes Gespür für Prozesse und Anwendungen sowie Positionierungen von Tauchmotorrührwerken. Außerdem erhalten Sie wertvolle Hilfestellungen zur richtigen Auslegung, z. B. auf Basis einer CFD-Simulation.

Titelbild KSB-Know-how-Broschüre: Der Druckstoß

Planning information surge pressure

Surge pressures can cause considerable damage that could be prevented by preventive calculation and safety measures. Gain basic knowledge of the complex pressure surge phenomenon - from possible causes to prediction and calculation to ways to prevent pressure surges.


Planning information for groundwater extraction

In addition to various options for groundwater extraction, you will find planning aids for deep wells with submersible motor pumps as well as instructions for the construction of drilled wells. Information on influences on the operation of wells and design recommendations complete this brochure.


Planning information for tubular casing pumps

This brochure provides proven planning information for the integration of tubular casing pumps into a larger system. Not only the hydraulic system characteristic curve has an influence on the operation of the pump, but also the forces occuring on the pump and the system during operation must be considered. For example, the intake geometrie has a decisive influence on the pump´s performance and operating behavior.