KSB SuPremE® in IE5*: the energy diet for your system

Cut your energy costs by up to 70 percent and more ─ with the most efficient magnet-less pump motor in the world. The KSB SuPremE® motor is so energy-efficient that it meets IE5* efficiency requirements. Discover the benefits of synchronous motor technology and familiarise yourself with the way this innovative drive solution works.

Why the KSB SuPremE® IE5 motor* is so efficient is also explained in our interview with experts.

The motors are well suited not only for driving pumps but just as well for powering fans and other rotating equipment.

* IE5 in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-30-2 up to 15/18.5 kW

Convincing facts

The new KSB SuPremE® motor generation for first-class efficiency and an excellent eco-balance

  • In combination with a PumpDrive speed control system, KSB SuPremE motors save up to 70 percent or more in comparison with fixed speed asynchronous motors. The motor alone can save up to 15 percent.
  • Especially in the part-load range, the motors have major efficiency advantages over speed-controlled asynchronous motors.
  • With KSB SuPremE® you satisfy the IE5 efficiency requirements to IEC/TS 60034-30-2 for electric motors according to the applicable ErP regulation up to 15/18.5 kW.
  • KSB SuPremE® motors have an excellent eco-balance. Their non-use of magnetic materials makes them much more sustainable than permanent-magnet synchronous motors or asynchronous motors.
  • Thanks to the use of non-critical, long-lasting materials, the motors are extremely robust and durable.
  • KSB SuPremE® motors are compatible with IE2 asynchronous motors. Their patented rotor design ensures an extremely low level of torque ripple (one to two per cent) and accordingly quiet operation.

Efficiency comparison

The efficiency advantage of KSB SuPremE® motors is apparent at full load, but even more so at part load. And that is exactly where most pumps' drives operate.

Source: Dipl.-Ing. M. Wiele, Prof. Prof. h. c. mult. Dr.-Ing. Peter F. Brosch, University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Hanover, Faculty I, Drives and Automation Technology

* IE5 in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-30-2 up to 15/18.5 kW

Efficiency advantage of KSB SuPremE® motors at full and at part load


The best solution — worldwide

KSB SuPremE® motors are not just extremely efficient; they are also very versatile.

Centrifugal pump applications

  • Service/drinking water supply
  • Spray irrigation
  • General irrigation and drainage
  • Heating and cooling circuits
  • Seawater and fire-fighting water
  • Condensate transport
  • Cleaning agents handling

Rotating equipment

  • Positive displacement pumps
  • Compressor fans

The technology for your efficiency

What makes the KSB SuPremE® motor so efficient is an interplay of numerous technical innovations. Learn more about the slender pump drive for the future.

KSB SuPremE - The technology for your efficiency

1. Quiet rotor blade geometry

The matter-of-fact designation US patent 5.818.140 pertains to the special cut of the laminated rotor core. It is enormously effective, allowing only extremely little torque ripple (1-2%) for extremely quiet operation.

KSB SuPremE: quiet rotor blade geometry

2. Magnet-less and ecological

KSB SuPremE® motors have an outstandingly small total environmental footprint. Their non-use of magnetic materials makes them much more sustainable than permanent-magnet synchronous motors and asynchronous motors.

KSB SuPremE: magnet-less and ecological

3. PumpDrive speed control system

KSB's PumpDrive, which has proven to be very effective in combination with an asynchronous motor, adjusts the speed of the motor - and with that the pump's flow rate and head - to match current demand. KSB SuPremE® is the only synchronous reluctance motor with a motor-mounted speed control system.

Drehzahlregelung PumpDrive_thumbnail

4. Durable and robust

The reluctance principle is fully matured. Thanks to the use of non-critical, durable materials, KSB SuPremE® motors are as robust as asynchronous motors. Their lack of sensors additionally reduces the probability of failure. And the lower temperature of the rotor has a positive effect on the service life of the bearings.

KSB SuPremE: durable and robust

5. Compatible

Wherever there is room for an IE2 asynchronous motor, a KSB SuPremE® motor with identical connecting dimensions can also get the work done efficiently.

KSB SuPremE: compatible

The easy-to-use efficiency calculator

A few short steps to your own personal savings

Get yourself a quick overview of how much money we can save you on a specific-case basis.

Start detailed calculation

Der einfache Effizienzrechner_thumbnail

FluidFuture®: the energy-saving concept for your system

In order to achieve top efficiencies, all the components of your system need to be perfectly matched to each other. We therefore systematically optimise the energy efficiency of an entire hydraulic system via our FluidFuture® concept. This comprehensive analysis of the overall system combined with our expert knowledge enables us to realise maximum savings in four steps and markedly reduce your operating costs. As well as the KSB SuPremE® IE5 motor*, many other smart products and services from KSB are used.

* IE5 in accordance with IEC/TS 60034-30-2 up to 15/18.5 kW

FluidFuture Link

Miele & Cie.KG

40 % less energy needed – thanks to a new refrigeration system in the Gütersloh plant.

  • The new system comprises KSB pumps Etanorm and Etaline.
  • All pumps are automated with PumpMeter and PumpDrive.
  • Continuous pump operation is ensured by the world's most efficient magnet-less pump motor, the KSB SuPremE® IE4 motor.
  • This has reduced CO2 emissions by 400 tonnes per year.

Download reference project (PDF)

Miele Article_thumbnail
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG_thumbnail

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

90 % energy savings – by optimising the cooling lubricant circuit of grinding machines.

  • The fixed speed pumps have been replaced by Etanorm pumps in high-end design with PumpMeter, PumpDrive and KSB SuPremE® IE4* motor.
  • The check valves have been replaced by pneumatic butterfly valves.
  • The control system for part load operation has been updated.

Download reference project (PDF)

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