NEA Chief Nur Bekri Inspected SEC-KSB

On Dec. 3rd, 2015, Mr. Nur Bekri - Chief of National Energy Administration, accompanied by Mr. Yu Jianfeng (Vice General Manager, SPIC), Mr. Zhang Suxin (Deputy Director, Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission), Mr. Huang Dinan (Chairman, SEC) and Mr. Zheng Jianhua (President, SEC), inspected SEC-KSB.

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Mr. Nur Bekri listened to SEC-KSB’s report on nuclear pumps localization, and inspected the progress of CAP1400 RUV prototype. The prototype has gone through its first stage of tests. The test result suggested it has satisfied the design requirement for safe operation. The endurance test is to start at the beginning of 2016. Mr. Nur Bekri recognized the progress SEC-KSB has made and hoped it can finish all the tests and the localization process of the prototype as soon as possible to make more contribution to China’s nuclear development.

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