Working for SEC-KSB

As a new company with international operations in a fast growing business filed, SEC-KSB remains an organization of manageable dimensions and short pathways. At the same time, we are large enough to be able to offer the entire spectrum of operations and all the interesting activities one expects of a global player: whether in the field of production engineering, design and development, sales and marketing, services, materials management or in all the areas of business administration. We make the most of the experience and perceptions of diverse nations and cultures. And our day-to-day work is informed by this kind of global associative thinking and corresponding actions.

Competence and technical advances are the driving factors behind our success. The scope, which our employees enjoy, for effectively applying their own skills and ideas and for further developing their abilities assures the self-reliance and high quality standards of our employees. We help to create sustainable perspectives and foster personal values through our range of attractive concepts for training, leadership and compensation. We offer support in the form of diverse seminars and workshops, to encourage an increase in your responsibilities and a widening of your personal spectrum of opportunities.

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