Amarex N Submersible motor pump
Submersible motor pump

Amarex N

Vertical single-stage submersible motor pump for wet installation, with cutter (S), free-flow impeller (F) or diagonal single-vane impeller (D), stationary or transportable version. Amarex N pumps are floodable, single-stage, single-entry close-coupled pump sets which are not self-priming. ATEX-compliant version available.
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Belangrijkste toepassingen

  • Waste water management
  • Drainage systems
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Sludge disposal
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Technische gegevens

  • Max. flow rate190 m3/h
  • Max. head49 m
  • Max. allowed working pressure16 bar
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C


  • Easy and fast installation/removal with polarised, absolutely watertight cable entry and KSB plug-type connection ensuring correct installation
  • Motor absolutely watertight, also in the event of damage to the cable sheath and core insulation, with individually stripped, tinned and resin-sealed conductors
  • High operating reliability with optimum motor selection for duty cycle S1, thermal class F, explosion-proof variant in "FM/CSA Explosionproof Class I, Division 1, Groups C & D, T4”


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340 products
AMAREX N D100-220/034ULG79 Kilogram48252271
AMAREX N D100-220/034ULG-19579 Kilogram39100366
AMAREX N D100-220/034WLG79 Kilogram48252273
AMAREX N D100-220/034YLG79 Kilogram48252272
AMAREX N D100-220/034YLG-19579 Kilogram39100367


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icon download-pdfAmarex Npdf0.113-11-2019
Amarex N Swrd0.113-11-2019
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icon download-pdfAmarex N; 50 Hzpdf11.9424-5-2019
icon download-pdfAmarex N, 60 Hz, USApdf6.1124-5-2019
icon download-pdfAmarex N S 32pdf2.3224-5-2019
icon download-pdfAmarex N, 60 Hzpdf3.2424-5-2019

Technische gegevens

  • FunctionPump
  • Connection typeFlange
  • Drive conceptWith electric actuator
  • Max. flow rate190 m3/h
  • Min. flow rate0.1 m3/h
  • Max. head49 m
  • Min. head0.1 m
  • Mains frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
  • Mains voltage400 V, 460 V, 3000 V
  • Casing material1821
  • Nominal pressurePN 16
  • Max. allowed working pressure16 bar
  • Suction behaviourNon-self-priming
  • Max. allowed fluid temperature40 °C
  • Min. allowed fluid temperature0 °C