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BOA-Control PIC Klepafsluiter

BOA-Control PIC

Pressure-independent control valve, comprising a continuously adjustable flow controller and a control valve for hydraulic balancing and dynamic volume flow control at constant valve authority, with threaded ends (DN 10 - 50) or flanged ends (DN 65 - 150). Continuous adjustment of the volume flow rate setpoint directly at the valve thanks to the digital scale, with mechanical locking function. With measurement ports for determining flow rate, temperature and pressure loss. Available in various volume flow rate control ranges (LF/HF) from 43 to 8586 l/h (valve with threaded ends) and from 4.4 to 160 m³/h (valve with flanged ends). With actuator mounting option (M 30 x 1.5) for the electrical control of an additional variable such as room temperature by adjusting the volume flow.
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Belangrijkste toepassingen

  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling circuits

Technische gegevens

  • Nominale druk hydrauliekhuisPN 16, PN 25
  • Max. nom. breedte seriegener.DN 150
  • Max.toeg.mediumtemp.ser.gen.120 °C


  • Materials suitable for all applications in heating or cooling systems
  • Straightforward presetting of flow rate
  • Constant volume flow rate by mechanical volume flow rate control

Materiaalnummerlijst – BOA-Control PIC

14 products
BOA-CONTROL PIC PN 16 DN 6521,6 Kilogram48016937
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BOA-CONTROL PIC PN 16 DN 8028,1 Kilogram48016938
op aanvraag
BOA-CONTROL PIC PN 16 DN10033,6 Kilogram48016939
op aanvraag
BOA-CONTROL PIC PN 16 DN12546,4 Kilogram48016940
op aanvraag
BOA-CONTROL PIC PN 16 DN15075,4 Kilogram48016941
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TitelFormaatGrootteLaatste wijziging
Quick reference manual BOA-Control PIC (7138.81_EN)pdf1.7627-2-2021
BOA-Control PIC (7138.8_EN)PDF4.7713-7-2021
TitelFormaatGrootteLaatste wijziging
BOA-Control PIC DN 65 - 150 (7138.522_NL)RTF0.0522-6-2021
BOA-Control PIC DN 15 - 50 (7138.521_NL)RTF0.0522-6-2021
TitelFormaatGrootteLaatste wijziging
Declaration of Conformity (0570.8551_EN)PDF0.199-7-2021
TitelFormaatGrootteLaatste wijziging
BOA-Control PIC (7138.5_EN)PDF3.79-7-2021

Technische gegevens

  • ComponentenfunctieAfsluiten/regulieren
  • Aansluiting intredeAansluiting buitendraad, binnendraadaansluiting, Flens
  • Uitvoeringsconcept aandrijvingmet handwiel
  • Materiaal hydrauliekhuisEN-GJL-250, CUZN36PB2AS
  • Nominale druk hydrauliekhuisPN 16, PN 25
  • Max. nom. breedte seriegener.DN 150
  • Min. nom. breedte seriegener.DN 10
  • Max.toeg.mediumtemp.ser.gen.120 °C
  • Min.toeg.mediumtemp.serie.gen.-10 °C