World novelty MyFlow Technology makes constant flow more individual than ever

Imagine you could cover the same operating range you used to need 43 pump casing sizes for with only 18 sizes. Imagine you could adjust the operating point with a simple click, without having to machine the impeller. Actually, you can – with MyFlow Technology. The unique drive solution for constant flow applications reduces variant complexity and makes planning more reliable as the operating point can be adjusted to individual requirements. Compared to conventional solutions MyFlow Technology saves time and costs in plant engineering and paves the way for an economic, energy-efficient operation by providing:

Reducing variant complexity by more than 50%

Reduced complexity through individual fixed speed

By reducing variant complexity in constant flow applications MyFlow Technology streamlines processes. Centrifugal pumps are adjusted to the design point by selecting an individual fixed speed at full impeller diameter and, hence, maximum efficiency of the hydraulic system. Through MyFlow Technology fewer sizes cover all applications – with efficiency and NPSHr values remaining practically constant. This reduces the variant complexity of hydraulic systems by more than 50 %, saving time and costs when it comes to planning and managing equipment.

Lean processes

Reliable planning through virtual impeller trimming

If any changes are made to the system, the speed level for optimum energy efficiency can simply be adjusted to the individual requirements by smartphone (via a Bluetooth gateway): virtual impeller trimming. Unlike with mechanical impeller trimming the operating process does not need to be interrupted. Another difference is that the operating point can also be adjusted upwards within the performance limits. Virtual impeller trimming makes planning more reliable and simplifies energy efficiency improvement. In addition, the connectivity of MyFlow Technology adds to the data basis for Industry 4.0.

Simple optimisation

Smart pump drive for simple installation

MyFlow Technology makes installation and commissioning faster, simpler and more economical. The MyFlow Drive solution offers numerous functions and features that markedly reduce labour and equipment costs. For instance, wiring has become easier, and there is no need for a direction of rotation check. Several components that previously needed to be installed for water pumps, such as limitation of the starting current and motor protection, are no longer required. Also, KSB is always there for you, supporting you with professional services:

Smart drive


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