KSB expertise for energy efficiency in biogas plants

Using proven equipment KSB is able to increase the energy efficiency of biogas plants. Our tried and tested Amaprop low-speed mixer (agitator) ensures a high level of efficiency and plant profitability.

Biogas_img KSB reduces the energy consumption of biogas plants using highly efficient submersible mixers, pumps and valves.

Submersible mixers

The horizontal Amamix and Amaprop submersible mixers help increase energy efficiency.

Pumps and valves

Employed in ancillary processes and piping systems, products such as the Amarex KRT pump and the Hera gate valve ensure everything runs smoothly.

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Amaprop horizontal low-speed submersible mixer

The low speed of the horizontal Amaprop submersible mixers contributes to energy-efficient and reliable biogas production.

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Amaprop in the digester

Low-speed submersible mixers of the Amaprop series

Energy-efficient, low specific mixers of the Amaprop series ensure reliable biogas processes.

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