Valve manufacturer expands servicing facilities

KSB Pumps and Valves Southern Africa is continuing to invest in service equipment and facilities to meet growing demands for workmanship that is able to meet strict local regulations and satisfy international quality standards.

In order to offer a world-class maintenance and repair services for its local customers, the company has invested million of Rands in machinery and technologies to enable it to perform work on the valves that conforms to its own precision design standards. The acquisition of two large-scale test rigs will (for the first time in South Africa) also allow local pressure testing of oversize high-pressure steam and other engineered valves manufactured.

Simultaneously, the company has acquired new larger premises nearby its head office in Germiston and is currently outfitting it to meet the growing demands. Once completed the new premises will be geared to meet current and future service and repair from across the country and throughout the entire sub-Saharan African region.

New thinking

“In the past, valve owners simply made use of third-party repair companies for maintenance or small-scale repairs, while larger or more complex repair work was usually sent to one of our specialist repair centres overseas. This resulted in varying standards of work being carried out and meant that repairs sent overseas were sometimes subject to unbearable delays due to transport and clearing issues.

“Nowadays requirements are far stricter and tightening legislation surrounding the servicing and repairs of pressure vessels (including valves) is prompting companies to seek professional repairs, which are done to OEM standards, including all the necessary paperwork and tests completed in accordance with requirements.

"When it comes to our products we are the only ones who have the design drawing and parameters needed to affect professional repairs. Therefore it is advisable that owners make use of our service centre to ensure work is carried out according to our own specifications,” says KSB Pumps and Valves Southern Africa’s valves service manager, Ryan Croker.

Beyond durability

He adds that valves have the potential to last for many years and even decades in certain environments. Provided that they are correctly serviced and maintained, there is no reason why they shouldn’t last, the problem is that they often look in perfect order from the outside. But, when you open the valves up you might find a different story with severe wear or even damage from corrosion, steam cracks etc.

This is especially true of welded in-line valves, where they are often not checked due to the difficulty in removing them and re-welding them once maintenance has been carried out. A further difficulty is experienced when trying to test large butt-welded valves as they do not have flanges to couple them onto test equipment. With our new equipment and facilities in place we can maintain, repair and check these valves properly to ensure that they work flawlessly between scheduled removal and maintenance periods.

"This is true of all valves and when one considers that 90% of all large-scale engineered valves and high pressure steam valves are built overseas, they are understandably expensive and warrant being well looked after. The correct maintenance and repair of valves can save a company a lot of money in direct costs, as well as prevent failures that may lead to injuries or result in lost production,” Croker says.

Market requirements

He concludes that KSB Pumps and Valves Southern Africa is now in a position to be able to service all its valve products from industrial, petrochemical and water supply valves, to high pressure stream valves for large scale applications in mining and power generation plants.

"It is our intention to keep enhancing our services and offerings to clients to ensure that they can undertake effective preventative maintenance of their valves both on site and at our workshop. Our investment in service and repairs means that KSB valves can be properly serviced and supported to ensure the integrity of our valves anywhere in the region – under all operating conditions.

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Ryan Croker, valves service manager for KSB Pumps and Valves in southern Africa

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