Modern-day sewerage systems require expertise and reliability

Rapid urbanization is resulting in an urgent requirement for upgraded sewerage systems in cities throughout Africa where authorities are realizing the importance of reliable and efficient pumps to cope with ever-higher volumes on an around-the clock basis.

In addition, authorities are increasingly calling on technical expertise to assist in the design and optimisation of pumping systems in order to design sewerage works that are robust enough to deal with daily peaks and troughs, as well as meeting challenges as a result of weather anomalies, storm water ingress and even drought conditions.

At the forefront of sewerage pumping technology is local manufacturer KSB Pumps and Valves with a full range of products designed and manufactured especially to meet the industry’s requirements, as well as being rugged enough to handle African conditions. Technical expertise is also available to design and manufacture bespoke systems where required or to lend technical assistance and advice to local authorities.

Future-proof systems

KSB water and waste water projects and applications manager, Hendrik Enslin, says that nowadays technical advice and support is equally as critical as choosing the right system and design in the first place. He adds that with the right system sewerage works should be able to cope with almost any eventuality and remain reliable for more than 20 years.

“In recent times municipalities and water authorities across Africa have moved away from a purely cost-based procurement model to rather focus on procuring systems and expertise from local manufacturers with a long and reliable track record of quality products backed-up by efficient and reliable service and support.

“We have been in this industry for more than 50 years and are still standing-by and supporting some of the original old pumps that remain in operation today. That says a lot about our commitment to support our products in the field, as well as the quality of the pumps that we produce. That is the main reason why water authorities are turning to us to maintain and install systems around Africa,” Hendrik says.

Ease of maintenance

He explains that the requirement nowadays is for long-life pumps with ease-of-maintenance and interchangeability in case of problems. Due to economic constraints it is no longer viable to simply replace pumps and the trend is rather to install serviceable pumps that can be maintained quickly without major disruption to the system.

The systems themselves are being designed with multiple layers of redundancy with standby pump and circuits available when necessary. Simultaneously there is a move to using appropriate technology in the right application that equipment is designed for application rather than simply “making a plan” with the next most suitable solution.

“That is the benefit of dealing with KSB and utilizing the enormous range of pumps valves and related equipment, as well as having the ability to design and manufacture bespoke pumps right here in South Africa,” Hendrik adds.

Range of pumps

KSB Pumps and Valves has a wide range of fit-for-purpose pumps in a variety of different materials to suit conditions. The headline sewer range includes Sewatec purpose-built sewerage and waste water pumps with run-dry capability and double mechanical sealed system for reliable long duration pumping without maintenance.

The KRT range of wet and dry application pumps are sophisticated pumps designed to work in submersible, semi-submersible and dry conditions allowing adaptability in varying applications. They are designed for sludge and water applications with non-clogging impellers. All pumps can be manufactured using a variety of materials and have different impellers to suit the application. In addition the company has vast range of related pumps and products that have applications in varied applications and that may be suitable for sewer applications as well.

“To discuss the entire range is difficult because of the huge range that we carry locally and abroad at KSB manufacturing facilities globally. Suffice to say we have the right pump for almost every application and as a result municipalities, water authorities and engineers can call upon our expertise to assist in the refurbishment of old plants, maintenance and replacement of existing pumps, as well as the design of new pumping systems that will be capable of meeting future demands.

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