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  1. ETANORM - New generation pump is a winner

    KSB Pumps and Valves latest generation of its standardised Etanorm water pump series continues to top the sales charts in South Africa, as well as the rest of the world.In Africa, it has become a trusted name in the agricultural, municipal and other industries where its versatility, efficiency and reliability have made it the most popular pump type in use today.Produced non-stop since 1936 the Etanorm has sold more than 1,5-million units, which have proven themselves over more than eight decades. In its latest form the latest version comprises 43 pump sizes, which can be driven by either 2-pole or 4-pole motors. The selection chart has also been extended with additional pump sizes, so that sizes can be selected that are the closest to the best efficiency point.

    KSB Pumps and Valves new Etanorm pump follows more than 80 years of proven reliability.

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  2. Reaching out to Africa Farmers

    The Zambian agricultural industry was left in no doubt of KSB’s commitment following the successful Agritech Expo Zambia 2017, in which KSB featured prominently with an array of innovative solutions presented by a high-level technical team from throughout southern Africa.

    The prominent KSB stand also attracted the attention of Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, who visited the stand and confided his desire to take up farming after his retirement. He also assured KSB Zambia managing director, Alf Jacobsen, that when he did take up farming that he had earmarked KSB as a preferred supplier.

    In addition to the President, the stand proved to be a major drawcard for commercial and smaller scale farmers from across the region who specially visited the stand to discuss their own unique requirements. Existing and interested dealers were also keen to discuss the market’s requirements and expressed their eagerness to work hand-in-hand with KSB Zambia.

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    Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, meet KSB Zambia’s Alf Jacobsen on the KSB stand.


    Mission accomplished

    According to Alf, this was the first show of its type that KSB Zambia exhibited at and it met all the company’s objectives. “Our internal team of Fanus Terblans, Basil Hillier and Moses Shebele were able to share ideas with farmers and were delighted to see that many of the irrigation companies displayed KSB solutions as well.

    Locals were equally impressed by the high-level delegation manning the stand, which included KSB Pumps and Valves managing director, Sven Baumgarten, regional sales manager, Dave Jones, southern Africa sales manager, Andreas Gremels and country manager for Zambia and Botswana, Clinton Knott. This clearly displayed the level of support that they can expect in future.

    “There was a lot of excitement and it was heartening that the community came to us and expressed their happiness that KSB has a permanent presence. We also had the opportunity to meet with other types of farmers for solutions to deal with things like pig manure, feathers and a host of other challenging requirements that we are eager to get involved with.”

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    Growing stronger

    The show also gave the visiting KSB delegates the chance to reaffirm relationships with dealers and customers and allowed Sven to experience a show in the heart of Africa including some more rural areas.

    “We even got lost on the way back to the airport and as a result Sven got to drive on some lesser used roads that are not usually travelled by tourists and visitors. We also got to stay in some pretty rural accommodation with some of the team staying in small wooden chalets while others made themselves at home in tents,” says Dave.

    He concludes that the show revealed that there is a lot of potential in the market with great potential for growth. In addition, it raised the challenge for us to tailor more solutions for Zambia’s unique market including solar powered pump solutions and other customized solutions. “We are happy to rise to the challenge and establish ourselves as the defacto pump and valve solution providers in Zambia.”


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  3. KSB invests in Zambia

    Global pump manufacturer, KSB Pumps and Valves, has established an independent operation in Zambia to ensure that its rapidly expanding customer base has full access to the company’s world-class sales and support services.

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  4. Variable speed waste water pumps

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    KSB Pumps and Valves recently introduced the PumpDrive variable speed system for effective and controlled pumping of waste water. The variable speed system has been especially designed to overcome problems experienced when pumping waste water.
    Three innovative functions have been seamlessly incorporated into the system to allow the most effective operation of pumps in the field. These include establishing a complete water column almost immediately during start-up. This is done through a system which allows the pump to be taken to maximum speed within four seconds and maintained for three minutes so that an appropriate flow passes through all piping elements before the system starts its controlled, demand-driven operation. This ensures that the discharge line and pump casing are completely primed with the fluid to be handled.
    Another unique feature of the variable speed system is the so-called flushing function. This can be activated either automatically or manually by operators using a control panel. The PID controller increases the speed up to a maximum value, which triggers the required flushing effect. The current control task is temporarily put on hold for this process. After the defined flushing period, the flushing function stops, and the system returns to its previous, controlled operation.
    Flow velocity monitoring is another new feature that is designed to improve operating reliability of pumps in the field. It ensures that the minimum flow velocities specified at the time of selection are met in order to keep the pipes free from deposits. If the flow velocity falls below the programmed minimum, PumpDrive can either transmit a fault message to the control station or start the flushing function to remove any deposits from the piping. The flow velocity is computed by the variable speed system based on measured electric values of the drive. No external sensors are required.
    Up to six PumpDrives can be combined into a controlling unit via plug-in bus lines, which allows the user to operate six pumps in parallel. This unit starts and stops the pump sets in line with demand while ensuring that the operating load is distributed evenly. It compensates the failure of individual components without interrupting the operation. All PumpDrives are designed for motors with ratings of up to 55 kW with a harmonised design.

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  5. Amarex KRT submersible motor pump

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    Economical submersible waste water pump

    KSB Pumps and Valves has released its highly efficient range of Amarex KRT submersible motor pumps for handling municipal and industrial waste water in an effective and cost effective manner.

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  6. Modern-day sewerage systems require expertise and reliability

    Rapid urbanization is resulting in an urgent requirement for upgraded sewerage systems in cities throughout Africa where authorities are realizing the importance of reliable and efficient pumps to cope with ever-higher volumes on an around-the clock basis.

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