Corporate responsibility at KSB

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are an integral part of KSB’s corporate culture. This is why KSB is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.KSB’s sense of corporate responsibility is not only towards its customers, shareholders and employees. In all our business activities, we are guided by the principles of sustainability and fairness in the way we deal with the environment and society

Global Compact

As a signatory to the Global Compact, KSB is committed to upholding the ten principles of the United Nations, which are aimed at promoting sustainability and fairness in the business environment.

Environmental protection

KSB is aware of the threat to the climate and the depletion of natural resources. That is why we support the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. KSB’s products and technologies contribute to energy efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, our work processes and working environment are designed to require as little energy and as few raw materials as possible

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Technology that makes its mark

Wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled or shut off, customers worldwide trust our expertise as valve and pump manufacturers.