Amamix submersible mixer – energy-efficient waste water treatment

Amamix_img Submersible mixer Amamix KSB’s Amamix submersible mixer ensures ideal energy input in waste water treatment processes. High efficiency levels are achieved thanks to the optimised propeller design.

Waste water treatment applications for Amamix submersible mixers

  • Sludge silos
  • Balancing tanks
  • Sewage tanks
  • Stormwater stand-by tanks
  • Digesters
  • Thickeners
  • Ice prevention
  • Nitrification tanks
  • Denitrification tanks
  • Biological phosphate removal tanks
  • Flocculation tanks
  • Pump sumps
  • Flow acceleration
  • Biogas digesters (fermenters)
  • Biogas post-digesters
  • Biogas sludge storage tanks
  • Biogas mixing tanks

Benefits of Amamix submersible mixers

Excellent efficiency

  • Compact, hydraulically optimised design
  • The propeller generates maximum thrust at minimum power consumption; its non-clogging design ensures a long and trouble-free service life.

Long maintenance intervals

  • Self-cleaning
  • An oil change is only required every two years; Amamix runs for 16,000 operating hours without an oil change.

Excellent operating reliability

  • The motor is monitored by three temperature sensors and a moisture sensor
  • Triple dynamic sealing system consisting of two mechanical seals (SIC/SIC) and a lip seal
  • An absolutely water-tight, resin-embedded cable entry protects the motor against moisture.
  • Reduced spare parts inventories, straightforward replacement
  • Interchangeable components and standardised parts
  • The plug-type connection enables straightforward replacement without special tools.

Clean technology

  • The oil chamber is filled with ecologically acceptable white oil. 
Additional Information

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Amamix submersible mixer