Reliable and efficient waste water treatment with KSB products

KBS has the perfect solution for every stage of the municipal sewage treatment process. KSB pumps, valves and systems ensure economically efficient and reliable waste water treatment. Kläranlage

  1. Primary Treatment
  2. Secondary Treatment
  3. Tertiary Treatment
  4. Sludge Treatment

Mechanische Reinigung pic

Mechanical sewage treatment

Mechanical sewage treatment separates and removes suspended solids from the sewage.

This is done using:

  • Screens
  • Sand traps
  • Grease separators

Sand filters KSB offers their tried and tested Amarex KRT, Amacan and Sewatec centrifugal pump types for mechanical sewage treatment.

These centrifugal pumps are able to cope with any pumping task.

  • Large range of impellers
  • Vast range of materials
  • Different installation options

Primary Treatment: Mechanical sewage treatment 

Biologische Reinigung pic Biological treatment

Biological sewage treatment uses microorganisms to dissolve organic substances and break down nitrogen compounds.

Technical processes further enhance these biological self-purification processes. They take place in

  • Primary clarifiers
  • Activated sludge tanks
  • Secondary clarifiers

Sewage treatment using Amamix, Amaprop and Amaline

For biological sewage treatment KSB recommends

  • Amamix submersible mixer
  • Amaprop low-speed submersible mixer (agitator)
  • Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube
  • Amaline recirculation pump
  • Amarex KRT submersible motor pump
  • Sewatec dry-installed pump

Secondary Treatment: Biological sewage treatment:

Weitergehende Behandlung Advanced sewage treatment

Advanced treatment involves the removal of nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphate from the sewage by special biological processes with the aid of chemicals or filtration processes.

Special biological processes

Flocculants such as aluminium, iron and calcium salts, which form poorly soluble compounds in the water, are used in these special biological processes.

Dissolved or finely distributed soluble compounds are thus converted into a separable form in which they can be removed from the water by sedimentation, flotation or filtration.

The advanced treatment process involves:

  • Flocculation
  • Biological phosphorous elimination (bio-P)
  • Final clarifiers

Submersible mixers from the Amamix and Amaprop product family

Submersible mixers from the KSB pump range offer an excellent solution for advanced sewage treatment. These include the horizontal submersible mixers from the Amamix and Amaprop product families. Tertiary Treatment: Advanced waste water treatment:

Schlamm pic Sludge treatment

Solids removed in the sewage treatment process are rendered harmless by means of digestion, composting or pasteurisation and are eliminated by sintering or incineration.

Sludge treatment includes:

  • Sludge homogenisation (to obtain a conveyable medium)
  • Sludge transport
  • Sludge dewatering

Biological sewage treatment processes produce different sludge types:

  • Primary sludge Sludge from sedimentation tanks
  • Secondary sludge Sludge from biological sewage treatment
  • Tertiary sludge Sludge from the third stage of sewage treatment
  • Mixed sludge Combination of the above sludge types
  • External sludge Sludge hauled to the sewage treatment plant from other sources

The advantages of sewage sludge treatment:

  • Stabilisation of the controlled degradation of organic substances and odour avoidance
  • Reduction in volume and weight
  • Disinfection to kill pathogens
  • Improvement of sewage sludge properties for further sludge use or its elimination

KSB’s Amamix submersible mixers are employed in sludge treatment. They are used to reliably and efficiently homogenise the sludge in the treatment tanks.

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