Etanorm PumpDrive – saving energy with optimum speed control

Etanorm PumpDrive by KSB achieves maximum energy savings thanks to its perfect match with the PumpDrive variable speed system. 

Etanorm PumpDrive
Etanorm PumpDrive basement img
System with Etabloc PumpDrive
System with Etabloc PumpDrive
Heating system with Etanorm PumpDrive
Heating system with Etanorm PumpDrive
Etanorm PumpDrive
Etanorm PumpDrive

Etanorm plus the PumpDrive variable speed system is the ideal combination for saving energy in pump applications. The principle: The PumpDrive frequency inverter adjusts the pump motor's speed to match current demand – quickly, precisely and continuously. The bottom line: Energy savings of up to 60 percent.

Other PumpDrive benefits


  • Three mounting options
    • Motor mounting
    • Wall mounting
    • Control cabinet mounting
  • Can be connected to a building management system, e.g. via LON bus


  • Suitable for power ratings from 0.55 to 45 kW
  • Enables configurations of up to six pumps
  • Parallel operation with 24-hour changeover (dual pump configuration)


  • Variable speed operation and IE2 motor
  • Dynamic pressure setpoint compensation function for compensating flow-dependent friction losses in the piping

Easy to retrofit

  • The PumpDrive variable speed system can be retrofitted in existing systems without changing the components.

Etanorm PumpDrive is very easy to service thanks to its replaceable casing wear rings. As it is equipped with an uncooled shaft seal and does not need cooling water, it is maintenance-free.

Other Etanorm PumpDrive benefits


  • Great variety of materials to suit a whole range of applications

In compliance with relevant standards

  • Dimensions and ratings to EN 733

Easy to dismantle

  • Back pull-out design: The pump casing remains in the piping.


  • Robust bearings


  • Designed for up to 16 bar
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