Etaline-R in-line pumps for skyscrapers – powerful yet economical

In time for the ISH 2011 trade fair, KSB has added the new Etaline-R in-line pump series with powerful IE2 motors to its product range. The circulator pumps are ideally suited to air-conditioning and heating applications.

The new Etaline-R
The new Etaline-R
 Etaline-R with PumpDrive and PumpMeter
Etaline-R with PumpDrive and PumpMeter

With land prices steadily rising, there is a continuing worldwide trend in the building industry towards ever-higher skyscrapers.This is where our in-line pumps from the Etaline-R series come into play:Space is expensive, and thanks to its compact in-line design, this pump type requires significantly less of it than conventional long-coupled models.

High-efficiency IE2

The in-line pumps are equipped with an IE2 electric motor as standard, whose high efficiency contributes to the pumps’ cost-effectiveness.

Fields of application of Etaline-R in-line pumps

  • Heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Service water systems
  • Water supply
  • District heating
  • District cooling
  • Industrial recirculation systems

Technical data of Etaline-R type series

  • 14 sizes
  • Maximum motor rating:315 kW
  • Maximum flow rate:1,900 cubic metres per hour
  • Maximum head:97 metres
  • Recommended maximum operating temperature:140 °C

Benefits of Etaline-R in-line pumps

  • To meet the static head requirements of high-rise buildings, the nodular cast iron casings and mechanical seals are rated for operating pressures of up to 25 bar.
  • The mechanical seal is available in a large number of material variants.
  • The impeller of each pump is precisely matched to its duty point.This ensures that the pumps achieve the best efficiency point and are not oversized, as is usually the case with ready-made impellers.
  • Motor-mounted PumpDrive speed control systems can be supplied up to a motor rating of 45 kW.For higher ratings, the speed control system is integrated in a control cabinet.
  • Replaceable casing wear rings on the discharge and suction sides make for ease of service and maintenance even after many years of operation.
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