Etaline PumpDrive – the optimum combination of hydraulic system and speed control

The close-coupled Etaline PumpDrive heating pump in in-line design is an ideal combination of pump and PumpDrive variable speed system.

Etaline PumpDrive – Hotel air-conditioning
Etaline PumpDrive
Etaline PumpDrive
Etaline PumpDrive
Etaline PumpDrive
Etaline PumpDrive
Etaline Z PumpDrive twin pump
Etaline Z PumpDrive twin pump

A rigid connection is employed between Etaline PumpDrive's pump shaft and motor shaft. The pump is mainly used in heating, air-conditioning and ventilation circuits.

Benefits of Etaline PumpDrive


  • Variable speed system allows the use of up to six pumps
  • Parallel operation with 24-hour changeover
  • Changeover if duty pump should fail, also in the event of the master suffering a power failure (Etaline Z twin pump)


  • For power ratings from 0.55 to 45 kW
  • Harmonised design
  • Impeller with excellent efficiencies


  • Energy savings of up to 60 per cent via variable speed operation in combination with IE2 motors
  • Dynamic pressure setpoint compensation function for compensating flow-dependent friction losses in the piping


  • Pressure boundary designed for 16 bar
  • Vent valve avoids dry running of the mechanical seal (if pump is installed vertically)
  • Shaft sleeve made of chrome nickel molybdenum steel prevents wear on the shaft

Easy to service

  • PumpDrive can be retrofitted in existing systems without changing the components
  • PumpDrive can be motor-mounted, wall-mounted or cabinet mounted
  • In-line design for easy installation and simple piping layout
  • Easily replaceable wear rings
  • Uncooled zero-maintenance mechanical seal to EN 12756