KSB hydraulic systems for large and powerful concrete volute pumps

The BEVERON pump is the result of close cooperation between KSB and Bosman Watermanagement. This concrete volute pump is ideally suited to flow rates of 4 to 30 cubic metres per second.

SEZ hydraulic system with drive SEZ hydraulic system with drive In response to the rising demand for large volute casing pumps, Bosman Watermanagement, manufacturer of concrete volute pumps, introduced its BEVERON pump.

KSB engineering plays a major role: KSB fits the BEVERON pumps with powerful, reliable SEZ hydraulic systems. It uses product-lubricated, wear-resistant KSB Residur ceramic bearings, which are able to cope with continuously high loads. This well-proven bearing type ensures reliable operation and increases the pumps’ long-term availability.

KSB’s hydraulic systems are used in the following applications:

  • Coastal protection and flood control
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Low-lift pumping stations
  • Water removal at shrimp and fish farms
  • Dry docks

KSB also supplies impellers made of duplex stainless steel for the BEVERON pumps. The impellers have a long service life and contribute considerably to smooth operation of the concrete volute pumps.

KSB also serves its partner company Bosman Watermanagement as a consultant, making sure that projects run smoothly and successfully right from the start.

Haarlemmermeer – a success story

Haarlemmermeer_img The land occupied by the community of Haarlemmermeer near Amsterdam used to be completely covered in water. From 1852 onwards three steam-powered pumping stations were employed to keep the 18,500 hectares of former inland sea dry. This tasks has now been taken over by a modern pumping station fitted with two BEVERON concrete volute pumps made by Bosman Watermanagement. Fitted with KSB hydraulic systems, the pumps each transport about 31,500 cubic metres of stormwater towards the North Sea, day after day.

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