UPA submersible borehole pumps – top performers for optimum operation

Excellent efficiencies and low energy costs are prominent features of KSB’s UPA submersible borehole pumps.

Submersible borehole pumps Submersible borehole pumps Submersible borehole pumps of the UPA series have been designed for maintenance-free long-term operation. Even under difficult conditions, for example fluids containing sand, the wear-resistant materials ensure optimum operation. The motor is perfectly matched to the pump.

The maintenance-free submersible borehole pumps come in a favourable design. Being particularly slim, they are well-suited to installation in:

  • Wells
  • Discharge tubes
  • Water tanks

They can also be installed directly in rivers and lakes.

Overview of the UPA series

UPA 100C for well diameters of 100 millimetres (4 inches) and above

  • Corrosion- and wear-resistant
  • Environment-friendly • Approved for drinking water

S 100D – 4-inch submersible borehole pump

  • Extra-slim design
  • Ideal for private use
  • Conforms to one of the most stringent drinking water regulations in Europe: the French ACS

UPA for well diameters of 200 millimetres (8 inches) and above

  • Trouble-free long-term operation 
  • Long motor lives 
  • High operating reliability and long service life 
  • Proven thrust bearing

KSB’s UPZ pump KSB’s UPZ pump UPZ – submersible borehole pump for top performance under harshest conditions

  • Top performance of electric motors which are fully immersed in the fluid handled
  • Ideal for pumping water from deep wells 
  • Wear-resistant  

KSB also offers its maintenance-free UPA submersible borehole pumps as part of an all-in solution of perfectly matched components.

SET 100 — the spray irrigation set

SET 100 comes ready to install. It is available with either of the following two pump models:

  • The S 100D submersible borehole pump for private use
  • The robust UPA 100C for professional operators

Both pumps can be installed in vertical or horizontal position.

The irrigation set also includes:

  • Starting device with motor protection switch and run capacitor 
  • 30-metre submersible cable with plug 
  • Controlmatic E automatic control unit with 1.5-metre cable and plug for pump monitoring and control