Energy-efficient and reliable: the new Movitec high pressure pumps

KSB has managed to further increase the already high efficiency of its Movitec high-pressure pumps. The new pumps come with optimised hydraulic systems, highly efficient IE2 motors and PumpDrive variable speed systems.

Movitec: the new generation of the proven high-pressure pump KSB has further enhanced its Movitec high-pressure pumps in terms of materials, seal variants and connection options. The pumps are now even more versatile than before, and they can be operated even more efficiently. Because KSB optimises not just individual components but entire hydraulic systems.

Benefits of the Movitec high-pressure pumps:

Reliable and corrosion-resistant

KSB offers a great variety of materials, meeting a wide range of requirements.

Materials table of the proven Movitec high-pressure pump Materials table of the proven Movitec high-pressure pump

Optimised tightness

The proven seal variants of the Movitec high-pressure pump offer highly flexible solutions. Material pairs are perfectly matched to the fluid handled. They are available for a wide range of fluids with temperatures from -30 °C to +140 °C.

Easy to service

Movitec seals are easy to replace. EasyAccess or cartridge seals can even be replaced without the need to remove the motor.

Many connection options

There is a connector for every imaginable application. A new addition to the product range is the tri-clamp coupling, the connection of choice especially in pharmaceutical and hygiene applications.

Optimised hydraulic system

Thanks to their optimised high-performance hydraulic system and enhanced pump foot the Movitec high-pressure pumps have:

  • Significantly higher efficiencies
  • Broader efficiency curves
  • Markedly lower NPSH values

Increased efficiency due to IE2 motor

The new Movitec high-pressure pumps are fitted with IE2 motors (previously EFF1 motors) as a standard. The high motor efficiency enables energy savings of up to ten percent.

Efficient processes with speed control

The PumpDrive variable speed system adjusts the rotational speed of the motor – and with that the pump’s flow rate and head – to match current demand. PumpDrive can save up to 60 percent of the pump’s energy consumption and ensures efficient system processes, particularly in applications with fluctuating demands on the flow rate and varying inlet pressure.

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