SEZ, SEZT, PHZ, PNZ tubular casing pumps – reliable transport of large amounts of water

KSB’s tubular casing pumps of the SEZ, SEZT, PHZ and PNZ series are ideally suited to transporting seawater in desalination plants and to handling cooling water in power stations and industrial plants.

Tubular casing of an SEZ pump Tubular casing of an SEZ pump Be it water extraction or water supply, KSB’s tubular casing pumps ensure top efficiencies and absolute reliability even when pumping huge amounts of water. KSB’s tubular casing pumps are perfectly suited to long-term operation.

Applications from water extraction to cooling water transport:

  • Seawater transport in desalination systems for the production of drinking water (key application in water engineering)
  • Handling cooling water for power stations and industrial plants
  • Water extraction for flue gas desulphurisation
  • Water extraction and drainage in low-lift pumping stations

Maintenance-free plain bearings: KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings 
The largest advantage of KSB’s tubular casing pumps: They are fitted with KSB-developed, maintenance-free, wear-resistant RESIDUR ceramic bearings. KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings are able to cope with continuously high loads and demonstrably reduce life cycle costs. All tubular casing pumps can be retrofitted with KSB’s RESIDUR ceramic bearings.

Installation types of tubular casing pumps Installation types of tubular casing pumps Customised KSB tubular casing pumps thanks to modular system
The tubular casing pumps of KSB’s SEZ, SEZT, PHZ and PNZ series are based on a modular system. Customers can have tubular casing pumps matched to their specific requirements by selecting:

  • Materials
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Installation types
  • Standard accessories
  • Quality assurance options

KSB customers are supplied with a pump tailored to their needs, with high efficiency and favourable NPSH characteristics.

KSB’s engineering package

KSB’s service does not stop with production. KSB is right behind their customers also after their tailored tubular casing pump has been delivered.

The comprehensive service package comprises:

  • In-house test stand for test runs
  • (After-sales) service
  • Model testing on intake structures
  • Consulting for plant management
  • Project management
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