KSB Service international – global servicing of pumps and valves

In Germany, KSB centrally brings together international teams of qualified KSB specialists who are able to install entire pumping stations and to service individual system components anywhere in the world.

KSB Service International KSB specialists service installations, for example, at power stations and pump stations even in the event of failure, not only throughout Europe but also anywhere in the world. As they receive continuous training they are perfectly qualified for international pump service. In addition, our specialists satisfy all current certification standards and also service products from other manufacturers.

Examples of international pump service jobs performed by KSB

  • Installation and commissioning of new pumps and valves at power stations, or for industrial applications (e.g. in paint shops)
  • Supervision of the construction of seawater desalination plants or entire pumping stations
  •  Training of customer personnel
  • Maintenance jobs at water extraction and sewage treatment plants
  • Technical consultancy
  • Assignments involving failure or breakdown at power stations, offshore platforms or on ships – fast aid in the event of failure, including analysis
  • Maintenance inspection of pumps and valves in process engineering systems
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