Sewatec Pump for Wastewater Industry

Better reliability, lower cost of maintenance and flexible design

KSB’s new Sewatec pump brings many industry leading advantages to wastewater plants – no need for a clean source of water for pump seal lubrication, and a variety of impeller and mounting options for a broad set of applications and installations.

Sewatec Pump Applications

  • Wastewater transport
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment Storm water transport

The most unique feature of this wastewater pump is its sealing technology.  The pump is designed to operate in a dry environment – no need for a source of clean water to lubricate the pump seals.  Additionally, the pump goes the extra mile with redundant seal technology, which adds an extra layer of protection from wastewater getting out of the pump. 

With a variety of impeller options and mounting methods, the Sewatec wastewater pump is perfect for moving raw wastewater as well as thicker mediums (i.e. bio-solids/sludge).  The various mounting options provide great flexibility during system installations and plant retro-fit situations.  See image below for impeller options and flexible pump installations. 

Impeller Options Summary - 4 Compelling reasons to consider the Sewatec wastewater pump Cross Section  (rev)

1 Reliability

  • No seal water system or external water source is required.
  • Two mechanical seals (1) with independent rotation direction with Silicon Carbide mating surfaces. Long periods of use through double protection. Failure of one seal retains full operational capabilities of the unit.
  • Pump can run dry without damage.

2 Environmentally Friendly

  •  Over-sized oil chamber (2), containing non-toxic oil, environmentally friendly.

3 Low Maintenance

  • Grease-packed rolling element bearings (3) sealed for life.
  • Re-greaseable bearings are available for medium/large pumps

4 Flexible Hydraulic Design

  • Choose the right impeller (4) for cost effective and reliable operation.
  • Four different impeller designs are available to meet your specific requirements.
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