KSB – Your Reliable Partner in Flood Control

KSB’s technically advanced pumping equipment is well-suited for flood control. State-of-the-art pumps make sure flood-prone areas are reliably drained.


Every year hundreds of thousands of people become victims of flooding when rivers flood their banks. KSB helps to secure living space and protect lives. The Amacan is the ideal pump for use in low-lift pumping stations. It is capable of pumping more than a hundred thousand gallons of water per minute and is best-suited to draining flood-prone areas.

Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube

Slim design and powerful performance - Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube

Amacan submersible pumps in discharge tubes are used in flood control, waste water treatment, water parks, and in aquaculture. They have a compact and slim design, but they are extremely powerful.

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