KSB Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Biogas Plants

Fossil fuel reserves are finite. Energy prices continue to rise and the demand for alternative energy technologies is increasing. Some of these technologies depend on the weather, but Biogas facilties run day and night, all year around.

Amaprop 1380 Amaprop 1380 Known for its innovative solutions, KSB is a leader in energy efficiency, with a long tradition in mixers and agitators. Our low-speed submersible agitators -Amaprop are ideally suited for biogas faciltities.KSB reduces the energy consumption of biogas plants using highly efficient submersible mixers and pumps.

As well as Amaprop low-speed submersible agitators, biogas plants also use numerous other KSB products. Together, our pumps and mixers ensure smooth substrate handling and trouble-free process in the connected combined heat and power plants.

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Boosting Biogas Efficiency

Jared Wray, Product Manager - Submerged Propeller Devices, will be giving a paper on "Boosting Biogas Efficiency via Interactive Mixing" at the BioCycle West Conference on April 9, 2013.

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Amaprop in the digester

Low-speed submersible mixers of the Amaprop series

Energy-efficient, low specific mixers of the Amaprop series ensure reliable biogas processes.

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Use a growing source of energy - Biogas Technology from KSB.

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