HGM-RO high-pressure pump for reverse osmosis systems

Drinking water production in RO systems requires a high-pressure pump which offers reliability and continuous optimization ensuring the best possible efficiency and low energy consumption. KSB developed the HGM-RO specifically for reverse osmosis. This pumps stands up to all the demands that the RO process puts on it.

High-pressure pumps  HGM-RO High-pressure pumps  HGM-RO High-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis systems need to be able to handle the harsh conditions that prevail in seawater desalination plants.

Radially split design Radially split design KSB has opted for radially split high-pressure pumps. Their radially split design makes HGM-RO high-pressure pumps particularly robust, enabling them to cope with the extreme conditions of drinking water treatment in seawater desalination.

Benefits of using KSB’s radially split high-pressure pumps in reverse osmosis systems:

Minimum energy input, low operating costs
Excellent NPSH value due to axial inflow with suction stage impeller, continuously high efficiencies.

Compact design
Internal, product-lubricated plain bearings with a short bearing span ensure smooth running and therefore high pump availability and reliability as well as a long service life of wear parts.

Corrosion-resistant design
The HGM-RO high-pressure pump is made of duplex or super duplex stainless steels. Its corrosion-resistant design (e.g. dry shaft) translates into a long service life.

Low monitoring requirements
There is no need for an additional lubrication system, and the pump does not require any vibration or bearing temperature monitoring. This saves both initial and operating costs for the pump set.

Minimum maintenance costs
Because of its axial inlet, the HGM-RO high-pressure pump has just one mechanical seal, which minimizes spare parts costs. The ring section design ensures reliability in the extreme conditions of reverse osmosis systems. No lubrication systems are required. The mechanical seal is easy to replace.

Reduced construction costs
The pump’s compact design, low weight and smooth running lower the requirements to be met by the foundation. Flexible connection branches facilitate connection to the system piping.

Easier to install and dismantle than axially split pumps
The pump can be dismantled and reassembled from either side. The wear parts are easily accessible.

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