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KSB is an expert in water treatment, water conditioning, and seawater desalination. KSB pumps, valves, and service stand for technical progress and meet all recognized standards.

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Seawater desalination
Drinking water is precious and in many parts of the world the only way to provide sufficient affordable supplies is by extracting it from salt water. 

For decades, KSB has led the way in innovative and efficient seawater desalination by reverse osmosis (RO). Our high-pressure ring-section pumps meet the demands of non-stop operation in plants of all sizes. 

KSB provides solutions for the entire desalination process, from seawater feed through treatment to piping the extracted water.

Water treatment
KSB pumps stand for innovative technology and top performance in water treatment. They are energy efficient and reduce the life cycle costs of the systems they are installed in.


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KSB's HGM-RO High-pressure Pump

The HGM-RO high-pressure pump ensures reliable drinking water treatment in reverse osmosis systems. It works economically over its entire service life and achieves high efficiency.

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KSB’s Multitec-RO

The high-pressure pumps of KSB’s Multitec-RO series stand for top operating reliability as well as low energy and maintenance costs in reverse osmosis processes.

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