KSB Pumps Power FlowRider Surf Wave Pool

FlowRider_img KSB Amacan pumps provide continuous fun for users of the FlowRider surf wave pools at Six Flags in Gurnee, IL and CamelBeach, Tannersville, PA. Both of these installations have the double FlowRider attraction, which can accommodate two riders at the same time. The FlowRider surf wave pool generates continuous wave flow for a realistic and never ending wave riding experience for body boarding or surfing. Aquatic Development Group (ADG), the domestic sales affiliate for FlowRider, has chosen the KSB Amacan P submersible pump due to a proven history of continuous operation with unmatched reliability and minimum downtime for maintenance.

The Amacan P submersible pump is a proven pump used in a variety of demanding storm water, municipal and other water transport applications and is capable of a flow rate exceeding 108,000 gallons per minute. The Amacan P submersible pump is an excellent choice for surf wave pools and other water park applications where efficiency, reliability, and safety are of the highest concern.

Unlike some other submersible pumps, the Amacan P can be mounted horizontally and can withstand environments with high chemical concentration (such as a chlorinated pool). The operational demands of the double FlowRider system are unique because the system requires a high-flow pump capable of moving over 20,000 gallons per minute with frequent starts and stops. After several years in service in the FlowRider attractions, the KSB pumps have proven reliable in these demanding situations.

Key Advantages Of Amacan P Submersible Pump

  1. Easy to install - The pump’s own weight ensures self-centering seating in the discharge tube, and an O-ring seals it in. No anchoring or anti-rotation elements; quick to install or remove.
  2. Trouble-free operation - Mechanical seal in tandem arrangement protects against fibrous material. Years of trouble-free operation thanks to liquid reservoir and high-quality wear-resistant seal face materials.
  3. Economically efficient - The slim motor minimizes discharge tube flow losses.
  4. Reliable - Bearing temperature monitoring, thermal motor protection, leakage sensors in the motor/connection space and leakage monitoring of the mechanical seal system.
  5. Hydraulically optimized - Low-vibration hydraulic system; inlet ribs and optimized bellmouth for vortex-free inflow.

Image: flowrider.com.FlowRider is trademark of Light Wave Ltd. and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office