As a reliable systems supplier KSB AMRI, Inc. provides its customers with expert consulting on suitable valves and systems for water applications.

The unique design of our valves, which incorporates a patented spherically machined disc and matching spherically molded liner, assures that only two valve parts come in contact with the media; the disc and the liner.

KSB AMRI, Inc. is a manufacturer of lined butterfly valves and quarter turn actuators for the Chlorine and related industries. KSB AMRI, Inc's manufacturing plant is located in Houston, Texas. Our PFA Teflon® lined valves are available from 1 to 24 inch, while our elastomer lined valves are manufactured from 1 1/2 to 140 inches in size. We have complete automation capabilities to provide actuation for all quarter turn valves. With a large inventory in Houston, we are supplying valves to almost every Chlorine maker in the United States and Canada.

KSB AMRI, Inc. valves are often used in place of other types of valves like plug and ball valves where tight shut off is required. Our valves are used in brine purification, wet and dry chlorine gas up to and including isolation of the chlorine compressors, caustic, sulfuric acid and cooling water.


ACRIS Butterfly Valve

Since 1970, the ACRIS valve has been used in the most aggressive and corrosive applications like ...

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AMRESIST Ball Valves _Art_original


SpecificationsFull Port DesignAvailable Sizes : ½" to 6"Pressure Class : ASME 150Operating ...

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The MAMMOUTH series butterfly valves utilize a fully elastomer lined body, centered shaft design ...

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The TRIODIS is a flexible metal seated valve that provides tight shut off in LNG (Liquid Natural ...

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