As a reliable systems supplier KSB AMRI, Inc. provides its customers with expert consulting on suitable valves and systems for water applications.

The unique design of our valves, which incorporates a patented spherically machined disc and matching spherically molded liner, assures that only two valve parts come in contact with the media; the disc and the liner.

KSB AMRI, Inc. is a manufacturer of lined butterfly valves and quarter turn actuators for the Chlorine and related industries. KSB AMRI, Inc's manufacturing plant is located in Houston, Texas. Our PFA Teflon® lined valves are available from 1 to 24 inch, while our elastomer lined valves are manufactured from 1 1/2 to 140 inches in size. We have complete automation capabilities to provide actuation for all quarter turn valves. With a large inventory in Houston, we are supplying valves to almost every Chlorine maker in the United States and Canada.

KSB AMRI, Inc. valves are often used in place of other types of valves like plug and ball valves where tight shut off is required. Our valves are used in brine purification, wet and dry chlorine gas up to and including isolation of the chlorine compressors, caustic, sulfuric acid and cooling water.


ACRIS Butterfly Valve

Since 1970, the ACRIS valve has been used in the most aggressive and corrosive applications like hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, 35% hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chlorine gas (wet or dry), vinyl chloride monomer, ethylene di chloride, chlorinated caustic soda, chlorine dioxide, bleached stock and sodium chlorate among others; as well as ultra-pure applications such as 18 Mega OHM de-ionized water and ultra-pure HF acid.

The ACRIS valve replaces gate, plug and ball valves in many different applications, where tight sealing and reliability are a main concern.

The ACRIS is a fully PFA Teflon® lined valve for aggressive chemical and ultra-pure applications. PFA Teflon® resists chemical attack from most known chemical compounds, and with a flexible liner design utilizing a full width, 360 degree, resilient back up liner offers bubble tight shut off in even the most demanding installations. Redundant shaft seals (which include a spring energized safety packing) provide a tight, reliable seal to the environment. This is a “maintenance free” valve design which uses long life sleeve bearings and avoids the use of an adjustable packing gland.

The ACRIS valve is rated up to 150 psig and down to 0.0002 psia (full vacuum). It is available in either a ductile iron wafer or ductile iron lug body. Standard PFA Teflon® material is DuPont grade 350, with 450HP available for ultra-pure applications.

Advantages of the ACRIS valve are numerous, and include:

  • Bubble tight shut off
  • Lug bodies rated at full pressure AND bubble tight shut off, even with the downstream flange removed
  • Non-wetted (dry) shafts
  • Three levels of shaft sealing including a spring energized safety seal
  • Maintenance free design and materials
  • High cycle life
  • High flow rates
  • ISO 5752 / API-609 face to face / ISO-5211 top plate
  • Manufactured from 1 to 24 inch.
  • All valves (100%) factory leakage tested
  • Direct mount capability with AMRI actuators
  • Large inventory of fully assembled butterfly valves and parts from 1" to 24"

TEFLON® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company used under license by KSB AMRI, Inc.

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ISORIA Valves_art_original


The ISORIA 10/16 elastomer-lined butterfly valve utilizes a fully elastomer lined body, centered shaft design, in the 1 1/2 to 40 inch size range. ISORIA 10/16 Valves are designed for the multitude of moderately corrosive applications throughout the industry. The ISORIA 10/16 valve uses a spherically machined disc and a one-piece body that is totally isolated from the flowing media by means of the inner elastomer lining. A strong shaft-disc connection is provided by an exclusive splined shaft arrangement for precise positioning and reliable operation.

The ISORIA 10/16 valve is used in non-corrosive and moderately corrosive applications such as 50% caustic soda, 98% sulfuric acid, seawater, cooling water, river water, de-mineralized water, utility services, hydrogen gas, brown pulp stock, weak black liquor, white liquor, high chloride content limestone slurry in FGD (flue gas de-sulfurization), and others.

The ISORIA 10/16 valve utilizes an elastomer liner and either a metal or coated metal disc to withstand moderate corrosion and/or abrasion. With a spherically machined disc and matching liner, this valve provides tight shut off both upstream / downstream and from leakage into the shaft areas. The unique liner design allows a lug body, semi-lug, and flanged valve to be used under full rated pressure with the downstream flange removed. Shaft sealing is accomplished by using a spherically machined disc, mated to a spherically molded liner (in the hub area). The elastomer liner is also designed to provide additional compression down onto the disc hubs and down onto the shafts. A dry body and a dry shaft disc connection design are used throughout the product range.

Key benefits of the ISORIA 10/16 valve include:

  • Reliable, absolute tight sealing at all critical points
  • Maintenance free design and materials
  • Low pressure drop
  • Minimal required torque
  • Strong internal shaft disc connection, isolated from the flowing media
  • Blow-out proof shafts
  • Economical use of body materials
  • Minimal overall dimensions and weight
  • Bi-directional flow and sealing
  • Sanitary construction (no fluid or particle traps)
  • Direct mount capability with KSB AMRI, Inc. actuators

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AMRESIST Ball Valves _Art_original



  • Full Port Design
  • Available Sizes : ½" to 6"
  • Pressure Class : ASME 150
  • Operating Temperature : -22°F to 400°F
  • Valve Body Design : ASME B16.34
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 275psi
  • Flanges : ASME B16.5 Class 150 RF

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MAMMOUTH Valves_art_original


The MAMMOUTH series butterfly valves utilize a fully elastomer lined body, centered shaft design with either a metal or hard rubber coated disc. The MAMMOUTH is typically used in seawater, fresh water, river water intake and limestone slurry, among other applications. Typical installations include condenser inlet and outlet isolation valves, FGD (Flue Gas De-sulfurization) absorption tower pump isolation, river water intake and tank isolation. The MAMMOUTH valve is manufactured from 42 to 140 inches.

The MAMMOUTH valve is especially designed for large pipe sizes and has all the characteristics of AMRI lined valves.

  • Reliable bubble tight shut off
  • Zero shaft leakage
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Maintenance free design and materials
  • Scale and barnacle resistant
  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions
  • No additional supports required
  • Dry body, dry shaft design for extended life
  • Available from 42 to 140 inch (larger sizes on request)
  • High pressure capability (up to 365 psig)
  • Conforms to the following flange drilling standards
    • AWWA C207 Classes B, D and E
    • ASME B16.1 Class 125
    • ASME B16.47 Class 150
    • PN 6, 10, 16, 20 and 25

Applications include:

  • Circulating cooling water (seawater, raw water or freshwater)
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Desalination (multi-flash and reverse osmosis (RO) processes)
  • Chemical and petrochemicals
  • Electric power stations (hydraulic, thermal and nuclear)
  • Limestone slurry in FGD plants including high chloride content
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Shipbuilding

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TRIODIS Valves_art_original


The TRIODIS is a flexible metal seated valve that provides tight shut off in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) down to -425 Degrees F, LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) , high temperature gas, and various other hydrocarbon services.

The TRIODIS valve utilizes a triple offset disc design, coupled with a flexible metal seat design which provides an independent static and dynamic seal. Seat design allows for self-centering on the disc. The valve is capable of achieving tight shut off at cryogenic temperatures, bi-directional sealing, and is fire-safe.

The use of an all metal seat design, allows the valve to withstand a partial or full burn in a fire condition. The all metal seat design provides a fire safe seal, all the time; and is not dependent on fire intensity.

The TRIODIS valve is especially well suited for the natural gas industry, and excels in LNG applications. Since 1963, more than 40 LNG receiving terminals and 23 liquefaction plants use AMRI cryogenic butterfly valves. Sixty percent of existing LNG tanker ships are equipped with AMRI valves.

AMRI has a large in-house cryogenic test facility at our French production plant. The TRIODIS valve can be tightness tested at cryogenic temperatures, per specific customer requirements.

Characteristics of the TRIODIS valve are:

  • -425F to +500F temperature range
  • Class 150, 300 and 600
  • Seat tightness in accordance with BS rate A, API-598, ISO rate A at ambient temperature, and BS 6364 at cryogenic temperature
  • Fire safe tightness in accordance with BS 6755 part ll and API 6FA standards
  • Wafer, lug, flanged, butt-weld side entry, and butt-weld top entry body styles
  • Maintenance free stem packing design, requiring no adjustments
  • Production sizes up to 66 inch (larger on request)

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