GIW® Minerals Mega Slurry Pump

The GIW® Minerals Mega Slurry is a high-performance, low maintenance slurry pump recommended for coarse or fine particles from solids-laden wastewater to aggressive slurries of an abrasive and/or corrosive nature. Consult factory for corrosive applications. Mega_app_pic
Design and Technology

  • Features a single stage, compact arrangement that allows easy maintenance of wet end components.
  • Mega Slurry Pumps feature a single wall shell and a hub plate of high chrome white iron.
  • Wet end components are designed for long service with minimal maintenance.
  • Cartridge bearing assembly with integral mounting flanges. This provides accurate alignment with easy maintenance.
Operating LimitsApplications
Q m³/h45
  • coarse or fine particles
  • wastewater
  • aggresive slurries
  • abrasive and/or corrosive slurries
H mup to 30
p barup to 24
T ºCup to +120
Additional Information