GIW® Minerals LCV Heavy Duty Vertical Pump

GIW® Minerals heavy-duty vertical pumps are the answer for the most aggressive corrosive and abrasive slurry applications. These rugged pumps combine long wear life with high sustainable hydraulic efficiency for the lowest total cost of ownership. LCV_app_pic

Design and Technology
Wear components are available in a wide range of proprietary hard iron alloys along with rubber and urethane linings to meet any application.

The V-Belt drive system accepts high horsepower motors and the structural parts can be ordered in corrosion resistant alloys. Performance and efficiency, plus easy maintenance provide the best value with a GIW® Minerals Vertical Slurry Pump.

ISO 9001 registered for superior quality in design, production, and service, KSB uses state of the art computer programs with CAD design and analysis to develop new products. These are tested in the largest and most sophisticated slurry test facility in the world to produce the best pump for any application.

Operating LimitsApplications
Q m³/h1,360The LCV series is ideal for industrial
process pumping, tailings disposal in
mining, and pit use for dredge and
other operations.
H mup to 38
p barup to 10
T ºCup to +120
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