GIW® Minerals FGD Flue Gas Desulfurization Pump

KSB offers a complete range of heavy-duty GIW® Minerals slurry pumps for FGD system scrubbers. Rugged GIW® Minerals slurry pumps provide high sustainable hydraulic efficiency, and long wear life at the lowest total cost of ownership. Low noise and minimum vibration are other benefits. FGD_app_pic

Design and Technology
GIW® Minerals FGD slurry pumps are available in a variety of corrosion and abrasion resistant alloys. Efficiencies approaching 90% at BEP.

  • Single-wall shell design
  • Impeller developed for high efficiency
  • Suction side liner is equipped with integrated mounting plates
Operating LimitsApplications
Q m³/h22,700
  • absorber recirculation
  • ancillary process pumps
H mup to 45
p barup to 17
T ºCup to +120

Other Pump Models Available for FGD Service

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