Mineral Mining Solutions

KSB offers rock-solid transport solutions for phosphate, oil sands, dredge, sand and gravel, coal, alumina and diamond mining.

When you need slurry moved from one destination to another, nothing delivers like KSB's line of GIW® Minerals pumps and hydraulic systems. GIW® Minerals pump systems transport slurry tonnage non-stop more effectively than any other pump system running today. Connecting real world application, innovative design and precision manufacturing, every GIW® Minerals pump system is built to last and to keep you running ahead of schedule.


Oil Sands

KSB's service center in Alberta, Canada is solely dedicated to the slurry transport needs of the Oil Sands market.

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KSB has been a partner to the phosphate industry for over 120 years bringing a wealth of experience no other company can rival.

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Sand & Gravel

KSB and ISCO Industries have partnered to meet their customers entire pump and piping needs.

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Water extraction & groundwater management


The high chrome alloys used in the GIW® Minerals pump line provide excellent abrasion resistance and long life cycles in severe duties Alumina plants.

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KSB provides equipment and support for the Diamond Mining Industry. Contact your local region manager for more information.

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KSB has been designing pumps and moving slurry using GIW® Minerals pumps for over 90 years.

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Soda Ash & Kaolin

KSB provides equipment and support for the Soda Ash and Kaolin Industry.

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Additional Information

GIW® High Volume Froth Pump - New Features

The GIW® HVF pump provides continuous operation without shutdown or operator intervention.

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